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Tip of the Month: Tisk Tisk ……You Made Them Ask?!

When last did you buy flowers for someone else?

AH HA GOTCHA! TOO LATE! If you haven’t answered yet it’s been too long!!

Just a little tip guys & gals, no husband, wife, partner, mother or coworker should ever HAVE to ask for flowers.
I know it can be a little complicated but let me try & break it down for you….

Once upon a time a couple was walking through the Lone Star Farmers Market @ Bee Cave on Sunday between 10am & 2pm (a little plug never hurt anyone) when they came to a very unique stall, set up as a flower shop, called Bloom & Bud. With a twinkle in her eye, the woman longingly gazed at the beautiful blooms as she inhaled the sweet smells surrounding her.
The friendly floral artist began engaging the woman by describing the types of bouquets she had that day & suggesting what would look lovely on the dining table that evening or basking in the sunshine on the kitchen window sill the next morning. The man, slightly indifferent to the whole conversation, glanced at the brightly colored flower things in the vases & asked, “want some?”
NOW WAIT WAIT! Before you say, “what’s wrong with that? At least he asked” Just think of how much more romantical it would have been if he swept the woman off her feet, into his arms & declared he was buying every flower at Bloom & Bud for her because nothing else could match her beauty! Okay, that may be slightly over dramatic but seriously if you’re considering buying someone flowers enough to ask them if they want them, just do it! Grab life by the thorns & make that purchase. A little bit of the joy & sweetness that comes from getting flowers is drained if the receiver has to give the go ahead on the purchase…….. So keep up the good work & surprise someone with some sweet smelling blooms this week. 🙂

Just a friendly tip from,

Your Friendly Bloom & Bud Floral Artist

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