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October Flower Babies

Hello all you October babies!
It is your month and you share it with the sunshiny bright “little calendar.” Or, as most of the world knows it the Marigold.
Although most widely known as a flower that symbolizes sorrow & sympathy FEAR NOT! October peeps because back in the day the Marigold (Calendula) was known as the “herb of the sun.” There, doesn’t that sound better?
Marigolds were used, & in some areas still today, for medicinal purposes such as an anti-inflamitroy agent or mixed in with beer to ward off the plague! Phew! Thank goodness for this little puff of sunshine. 🙂 And today still the edible Marigold petals are put into salads in fancy places like LA & Milan. Sometimes the even dried petals are ground down & used to color cheese! That sounds a lot better to me than reading Yellow No. 6 on the ingredients list of my food package.
So cheer up charlie and smell the, errr, Marigolds! 🙂

See you next month,

Your Friendly Bloom & Bud Floral Artist

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