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Ladies & Gents of November!

Roses are red, violets are blue, blah, blah, ho-hum…..
Get excited because it is November and this month we celebrate

Bonfires, hayrides & turning leaves make November such a fantastical month just by itself that it’s hard to improve upon…. UNTIL, you found out that the cheerfulness & love excreting Chrysanthemum also belongs to the month of the turkey!
Believed to have originated from Asia Chrysanthemums, also known as, and much easier for me to type, Mums are popularly used in Feng Shui to bring laughter & happiness into a house. They have been shown to reduce indoor air pollution & there is even a whole Festival of Happiness in Japan that celebrates this beauty of a flower.
Oh, but just you wait, the magic does not stop there! Placing a single teeny tiny petal at the bottom of your wine glass is said to bring a long & healthy life. So drink up fellow Wine-Os, we finally have solid justification for that extra glass. 🙂

So breath easier & celebrate November with a cheerful smile & a glass of wine.

See you next month,

Your Friendly Bloom & Bud Floral Artist


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