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5 Tips to the most Romantic & Unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

Running short on ideas on how to make yet another Valentine’s Day special and different from the last one?……. Check out these 5 tips from your Friendly Local Florist @ Bloom & Bud.

#1) Buy Local!

Buying flowers from a locally-owned boutique rather than the run-of-the-mill supermarket off some major highway is not only greatly appreciated by local business owners but will also guarantee a fresher and more unique arrangement. And trust me that won’t go unnoticed by the lucky little devil getting the flowers!

#2) Have Them Delivered!

This tip is especially for the guys….. Bringing home a bouquet is always a very sweet gesture any ol’ day of the year but on the day of LOVE have them delivered! Most florists need at least 48-hours notice to deliver an arrangement….. so the fact that you were able to get flowers delivered shows you actually preplanned something! And seriously, girls notice things like that, I’m not kidding! And let’s just say it also couldn’t hurt to have flowers delivered to multiple locations either. Who doesn’t love showing off beautiful flowers at work?!

#3) Put It Into Words!

Find a local florist, I may know a really great one ;), who will not only provide that fresh and unique arrangement but will also deliver a “hand written in your own words” card as well. Don’t waste your money on those precomposed, sappy and completely overused cards from a store. Don’t even try to summarize your ever dying love for them, in 100 characters or less, on an online order! Just make it real…..make it count.

#4) Stray From The Norm!

Try a NEW flower! Roses are sooooo overplayed on Valentine’s Day. Wait, what’s that you say? You haven’t the slightest clue when it comes to flowers? Have no fear! That’s what your florist is for! A good florist should be able to create the most perfect, beautiful arrangement after only hearing a few tidbits about the soon to be elated recipient. Tell them a little about their personality. They love the outdoors, or they love to cook. A favourite color couldn’t hurt either. But don’t forget to give your florist a price cap because we have the tendency to go a little crazy when it comes to flowers.

And last but not least……..why not really switch it up!


#5) Celebrate All Week!!

Do something they will never see coming! Celebrate all week long! You don’t have to break the bank doing this because with this one it’s the little things that make it special. Start off by bringing home a nice bottle of wine and a single rose one night. Then make them a sweet and sexy dessert on another. Surprising them with delicate smaller floral arrangements throughout the week rather than one large one also shows how much thought, time and effort you’ve put into your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

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