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5 tips to save money on your wedding flowers – Austin, TX

Money-saving tips for your wedding from Bloom & Bud – your Austin wedding florist.

Your wedding and everything about it should be perfect, including your wedding flowers, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to achieve your dream look. Read on to discover 5 easy tricks you can use to re-use, recycle and save big!

1) Use in season flowers!

Although it may seem obvious, a lot of brides forget that even though most flowers are now available year round, the cost associated with growing flowers out of season is a LOT higher. A knowledgeable wedding florist will be able to help you achieve the perfect look with your ideal color combos using in-season flowers no matter the time of year. Just ask!

2) Re-use arrangements

Save money, help the environment, and make setup a breeze by re-using and recycling arrangements and flowers on your big day! Many of our clients opt to re-use ceremony arrangements for the reception dinner, while adding specific flowers and swapping containers to achieve a whole new look. Your guests will never know, and it makes it even easier to continue a consistent theme throughout the day.

3) Does your florist offer containers for rent?

Why buy 200 vases for your wedding, when you can rent the same containers for a fraction of the cost? Also, renting from a florist is normally a lot less expensive than renting from a wedding venue, and you don’t have to worry about cleanup as the florist has to return to collect their equipment. We think this is a no-brainer for all flower shops and their customers.

4) Multi-order discounts

Know someone else who’s getting married? Need flowers for your wedding shower, rehearsal dinner or a company event? Ask your florist if they can offer you a discount or referral fee for any other business you bring their way. Most flower shops (at least here in Austin) are small businesses, and will appreciate the opportunity. Again, just ask!

5) Research your florist

Don’t be scared to get multiple bids from different florists, ask around, do your research online, and ask for referrals from venues and other wedding planners. You need to make sure you feel comfortable that your florist understands what you need and that there won’t ┬ábe any last-minute surprises or charges. Does your estimate include setup and delivery? What about removal? What about tax?

To get an accurate, FREE quote for flowers for your perfect wedding in Austin, TX simply click here. We use all the tips and tricks listed above to make sure we save you money while providing the ideal arrangements for your dream day!

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